Students’ Guidelines


Student Rights

– Providing the appropriate study environment to achieve assimilation and study easily, by providing all the educational capabilities available to serve this goal.

– Obtaining the scientific material and knowledge related to the courses that the student is studying.

– Examine the available study plans and study schedules before studying, and register them in the courses offered.

– The commitment of the teaching staff to the dates and times of the lectures and the fulfilment of the scientific and practical hours for them, and not to cancel the lectures or change their times except in case of necessity and after announcing that, provided that it will be compensated later.

– Inquiries and appropriate scientific discussions with faculty members without restrictions, unless the discussion goes beyond what is required by public morals within the limits of politeness and behaviour.

– Knowing their final results obtained in the quarterly and final exams they submitted to, and the right to have their grades reviewed according to what the system allows them to do.


Student Duties

– To contribute to maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment.

– To be aware of all the college’s rules and regulations and to abide by them.

– To be the prescribed financial benefits, whether they are tuition fees, student services, fines, or the like.

– To adhere to the examination system, remain calm and no cheating.

– Not to do – in word or deed – what is inconsistent with the Islamic religion, honour, dignity, good behaviour, or prejudice the reputation of the college.

– To maintain the college’s facilities, equipment, materials and books and returning what was borrowed from them on time without any waste or damage.

– Not to distribute flyers or issuing wall magazines or publishing an advertisement in the college without coordination with the competent authorities.

– To respect for all members of the college (teachers, staff and students) and not to offend or insult them by word or deed.

– To comply with the penalty imposed on him by the competent authorities.

– To refrain from carrying any kind of weapons while on campus or on a mission to represent the college.

– To examine all the regulations and instructions published by the college, including what is published in the college bulletin boards, and it is not permissible to invoke ignorance of what is published there.