Research Center


Scientific research in its whole concept is an organized human behavior that aims to investigate the validity of information or hypotheses in addition to clarifying any phenomenon, whether it is visible or invisible, to know its causes and ways of treatment in the individual life, the society and the nation. From this point of view, the Arab College of Applied Sciences constantly endeavors to push the wheel of scientific research and contribute to it, in the context of its journey to achieve its vision and mission. the scientific publising is considered one of the most important pillars of the College in the field of developing the scientific research. So the scientific publishing conveys the essense of the intellectual and scientific efforts of the college’s employees, including researchers and teaching staff, to the reader and researcher inside and outside the college in order to achieve its honoroble mission and inspirational goals in building the human being and serving the community.



Excellence in creative scientific research and innovation in knowledge fields.


Encouraging distinguished research work by providing an attractive and stimulating environment that supports excellence and creativity for researchers to achieve the college’s mission of scientific and research excellence.


The Scientific Research Unit seeks to enhance and strengthen the College’s position in the scientific research system and support it to fulfill sustainable development in various sectors. The Arab College also aspires to achieve the following goals:

1- Enhancing the culture and practices of scientific research among the staff and students.

2- Enhancing the concept of quality and constant improvement in the activities of the Scientific Research Unit.

3- Building the college’s research capabilities and raising the level of research work.

4- Developing partnership channels and supporting the activities of attracting funding locally and abroad.

5- Contributing to linking the outputs of scientific research with the needs of the local community and addressing its issues.

6- Activating the college’s role in holding scientific seminars and conferences.