New Students


Criteria of admission and registration


– The student must have a high school diploma, or its equivalent.

Applications for admission must be submitted on special forms to the admission and registration department, according to the dates announced, attached by the required documents.

– The college council determines the number of students who accept regular students in the college each academic year.

– Students are accepted according to their averages in the High School Certificates and according to the indicators and criteria set by the Ministry of Higher Education and the College Admission Committee.


How to submit an application for admission


Applications for academic degrees are received from the Admission and Registration Department at the headquarters of the Arab College of Applied Sciences located in Rafah, from 8 a.m. in the morning until 3 p.m. , except on Thursdays and Fridays, for a fee of 20 JD which is non-refundable.


Documents required to submit the application


1- A certified copy of the high school certificate transcript.

2- A certified copy of the birth certificate.

3- A copy of ID.

4- 4 personal photos.


General Notes

The student must follow the instructions issued by the Admission and Registration Department through our website and local newspapers.



How do you get into college?

Steps to join the Arab College of Applied Sciences


Dear student,

Welcome to your college, the Arab College of Applied Sciences, and we are pleased that you are one of our students. We are also pleased with your interest to be enrolled in our college.


Here are the steps you should take in order to facilitate your enrolment

First stage / getting to know the Arab College of Applied Sciences and its academic programs:

– Go to the college at the place designated to receive students on the university campus to benefit from their guidance and advice, as soon as the results of the high school exams appear and the door for admission to the college is opened.

– Get the college’s brochure and read it carefully to get all the information needed to join the college, as well as to learn about the academic programs that you can join.


Second stage / college admission:

– Go to the Finance Department to pay the application fee, which is 20 JD (non-refundable), and receive a receipt for that payment, with a special account to access the student services on the college website.

– Commit to filling out all the data required in the application for enrolment with accuracy, especially in determining the specializations you wish to join according to your desire and priorities.


Third stage / admission and registration in the college:

The result of admission will appear immediately upon approval of the application based on the priorities of the student’s desires and the capacity of the specializations.

– Go to the Finance Department to pay the tuition fees for the semester so that you can register the courses according to the model study plan for each specialization and you will get your study schedule.

– Get to know the locations of the classrooms mentioned in the academic schedule in addition to all the facilities of the college, with the help of the college counsellors to avoid any confusion at the beginning of the new semester.


  • Documents required to complete the registration:

The student reviews the Admission and Registration Department to complete their file by submitting the following supporting documents:

1- A certified copy of the high school diploma or its equivalent.

2- A copy of ID or passport.

3- 4 personal photos.

4- Sign a printed enrolment application form.


Fourth stage / issuance of a university card:

– The student applies to obtain a university card so that personal photos of the student are brought, for each student who has paid tuition fees.

– The student receives their university card from the Admission and Registration Department within a week of submitting the application.




The student must keep the university card to facilitate all their transactions in the college, to be able to enter the examination halls. In the event of its loss, the admission and registration department should be informed immediately.