College Council


The College Council undertakes the following within the general policies and planning of the College:


1- Approving the academic regulations that apply to students.

2- Approving the study plans and curricula submitted by the heads of departments.

3- Approving the granting certificates to students who fulfill the conditions for obtaining them.

4- Approving the dismissal from the college for the students who deserve it.

5- Examining the student issues presented by the council president.

6- Implementing the college’s general policy in the academic and scientific research fields.

7- Working to preserve the college’s Arab-Islamic character, whether in academic curricula, cultural or social activities, or non-curricular programs.

8- Strengthening the college’s links with other universities and colleges, in the local community and its institutions, to ensure a positive interaction between the college and its community.

9- Setting and approving the student admission policy and determining their numbers in each department or program in the college.

10- Forming the councils and committees of the system for members of the teaching and administrative staff, workers and students in accordance with the regulations and instructions issued for this.

11- Evaluating the performance of the college periodically, including its development and meeting the needs of the community, and building a scientific mentality with a distinct civilized root.

12- Awarding the academic degrees, equivalency of certificates and degrees issued by other universities and colleges, and proposing the award of an honorary degree.