About Admission And Registration


The Department of Admission and Registration aims to provide all services related to the admission and registration of students and follow-up of their academic status throughout the study period, and then their graduation according to the academic system in force in the college.


Main tasks and responsibilities


–  Participation in receiving new students and guiding them at the beginning of each academic year.

–  Coordination of students in different specializations according to the keys to coordination in force.

–  Assisting students in registering their courses and obtaining their semester schedules, and the consequent withdrawals, additions, changing people and withdrawing from studies.

–  Issuance of university cards for students.

–  Preparing files for students admitted to the college that include the required documents.

–  Extracting all the supporting documents that the student needs, such as the registration certificate, transcripts, statements, and course descriptions.

–  Receipt and implementation of requests for postponement and transfer from one major to another and requests for re-enrollment, as well as requests to withdraw the semester.

–  Preparing the semester schedules in cooperation with the academic departments, as well as preparing the schedules for the final exams.

–  Follow-up on the academic status of the students in terms of the cumulative average, and separating the students to be dismissed according to the academic system.

–  Contributing to solving student issues, whether computerized or paper.

–  Guiding students and introducing them to the academic system, in cooperation with academic affairs and academic departments.

–  Completing the procedures for graduating students and obtaining their certificates