The Arab College of Applied Sciences participates in the Tech Expo 2023.

The Arab College of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, universities, and colleges in the Gaza Strip, participated in the Tech Expo 2023 held at the Chalets Resort in Gaza City. The event was attended by Deputy Dean Dr. Ahmed Rouhi Awajah, college staff, and some students who showcased their projects.

Dr. Awajah emphasized in his speech that the college’s participation in such exhibitions is part of its role in actively engaging in events and activities within the Palestinian arena. He commended the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for its efforts in promoting a technical and applied education system that meets the aspirations of the job market.

He further explained that it is part of the college’s philosophy to provide students with the necessary opportunities to interact, broaden their horizons, and create spaces for their creativity through participation in such exhibitions. The college aims to develop students’ skills and talents, making them ambassadors of their homeland, culture, and civilization. He expressed his gratitude to the participating students for their efforts and accomplishments in their respective fields of specialization.

The exhibition showcased various projects by students in different disciplines of the college.

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