Nursing Diploma

Specialty information

Start your journey towards a successful career by enhancing your creative skills in the healthcare field with the help of trained lecturers and experts. They will provide you with the best scientific and practical university experience.

Intermediate diploma
Acceptance rate
50 %
High school branch
Scientific Branch - Literary Branch
The number of hours of specialization
82 hours

The General Objectives of The Programme

General Objectives of The Program:

General Objective:
The general objective of the Intermediate Nursing Diploma is to prepare and qualify male and female nurses with a high level of scientific and practical experience, and with the ability to serve individuals, communities, and patients. The program aims to provide safe and quality nursing services based on Palestinian and international standards. Graduates should be capable of performing various healthcare facilities.

Specific Objectives:
By obtaining the Diploma in Nursing, the student should have achieved the following specific objectives:

1. Work independently in public healthcare centers and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for that.
2. Gain knowledge in the field of public and private healthcare.
3. Enhance individual capacity to provide healthcare by developing health-related knowledge and ethics associated with health professions that primarily deal with individuals (internally and externally) and by drawing a comprehensive picture of the individual to enable students to develop and build good relationships with patients and their families.
4. Acquire knowledge about social conditions that can impact individuals' (males and females) health.
5. Develop the ability and initiative to initiate and participate in improving health levels and preventive care.
6. Acquire knowledge related to economics and healthcare organizations.
7. Develop professional skills such as teamwork and collaboration with colleagues in various fields.
8. Acquire the ability to educate patients and their families.

Advantages of the Program:

1. Government and private medical clinics.

2. Government and private hospitals.

3. Home nursing for patients in need of special care and unable to access treatment centers.

4. Intensive care units in hospitals and healthcare centers.

5. Sports centers and clubs.

6. Rehabilitation centers.

7. Elderly care units.

8. Primary care centers.

9. Health centers affiliated with UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees).

10. Dental clinics.

11. Private clinics.