About the library

The library is one of the most important facilities of the Arab College of Applied Sciences, which has been under the constant development and improvement department since the foundation of the College, as the library has been expanded recently to cover an area of ​​500 square meters

As part of the college’s endeavors towards development and creativity, the library has been subject to many developments and improvements over the past years to be able to refine students’ knowledge capabilities by providing a variety of books, references and scientific and cultural periodicals in both Arabic and English. It also included an electronic library that enables students and staff to read and use books wherever they are available, in addition to the possibility of downloading it through the college website.

As the college library paves the way for scientific research and knowledge, cultural and educational development, the college has set one of its priorities to take care of the library by increasing the number of books, references, periodicals and CDs to include thousands of books and scientific materials. This number remains subject to continuous increase through the college’s endeavor to follow up on the latest publications of books and scientific references and scientific exhibitions held locally and internationally in order to include the best books and provide them at the hands of its students and staff within its tireless endeavors to provide high quality services.

Within its efforts to create a generation that is capable of keeping pace with the scientific and technological developments taking place around the world, the library of the Arab College of Applied Sciences seeks to spread knowledge, spread a culture of research and reading, support scientific research, provide the required scientific and research resources, and provide the necessary equipment and capabilities in an appropriate atmosphere that encourages research and learning.
The library of the Arab College of Applied Sciences aspires to be a beacon of knowledge, science and culture for students and staff through its services by standing as a basic and modern database, thus being able to support the process of cultural and knowledge development.


Working Hours

The library doors are open to students and staff daily from 8 am to 2 pm.