How do you choose your specialty?

Choosing an academic major is one of the most important steps in a student’s life, as it determines the study method and future professional trends. The right choice based on firm foundations serves as a protection from the pitfalls of the academic journey, and provides more distinction and success in the future. The student sometimes faces a number of obstacles that prevent him from registering the appropriate specialization, due to the lack of information about the available specialties, or submitting to the wishes of others, in addition to the school’s failure to motivate the student to know the conditions of different professions and discover his own skills, and this educational aspect is almost absent for many From our universities, there are no appropriate seminars, meetings, or celebrations to introduce the quality of study and the different fields of specialization, so all these factors cause a lack of information for the student applying for the undergraduate level, in addition to the influence of society and the prevailing culture in it, which sometimes subordinates the student to her will and directs his choices towards areas As for the most important obstacles facing the student, it is the colleges’ dependence on the total grades in the secondary stage without paying attention to measuring skills and abilities.

Initial steps

Before choosing a university major, it is necessary to prepare for this step early by thinking and diligence in order to reach an important decision in the student’s life, and it is preferable to take some steps that help in that, such as:


Avoiding the influence of others: for the student to get himself out of the control of others or submit to their desires, so that his decision is entirely out of his will and bears his responsibility himself.


Counseling: No student will be able to reach an appropriate decision regarding his university major without obtaining sufficient information about himself first and then about the fields of specialization secondly. A request for the information they have and not to assign the task of selection to them.


Self-discovery: One of the most important stages that must begin at an early stage is the student’s discovery of his skills and abilities at an early age and the identification of the appropriate specialization, and helps in discovering self-skills things that may guide him, such as the hobbies and activities he practiced, and his appreciation in the secondary stage.

Basis of Selection

After the preparation stage comes the moment of choosing a university major, in which the student must take into account a number of things, including:


Looking for excellence: one of the most important goals that the student must take into account is the search for excellence in the field of specialization, and sometimes some outstanding students think that their high group may create distinguished students in their university studies, and this is not a necessary condition, as the distinguished are the ones who were in their place Correct, and exercised their creativity in the field of work.


The future, 10 years later: Among the considerations that the student must be aware of, is to draw a picture of the field that they will choose after ten years. How it would be? Which will automatically make them think about developing their skills while studying.


The skill before certificate: Some students make the graduation certificate their biggest concern, but this thinking leads to the graduation of an undistinguished student, so the student must, before choosing their major, think about the skills that they must learn in addition to university studies, for example, they may specialize in English language, but in order to expand their field of work, they intend to study secretarial or human resources or that the journalism student plans to attend courses they will need, whether in translation or computer design.. All these points must revolve in the student’s head at the moment of taking decisions.

Prohibited Reasons

There are a number of reasons to be avoided when choosing a university major because it is subjective and misleading for the student coming to this important stage in their life. The student is affected by propaganda, whether inside or outside the colleges. At the end, this step remains significant in the student’s professional and educational life, requires serious attention and striving to obtain as much information as possible and start at an early age in discovering self-skills.