Frequently Asked Questions


What is the academic calendar?

It is a list contains the most important dates in the student’s academic schedule while studying at the college, which is the date of the beginning and end of the study and the end of adding, withdrawing, withdrawing and submitting requests for postponement.

How many hours are allowed to be recorded in the semester?

–  The maximum number of hours, a student studies in the regular semester is (21) credit hours.

–  The minimum number of hours that a student studies in the semester is (12) credit hours, and the minimum hours –  may be less than that in the graduation semester or for special reasons accepted by the specialization coordinator.

–  The upper limit of the academic load in the summer semester is (12) credit hours, and the academic load in the summer semester for a graduate student may not, in any way, exceed (15) credit hours.

How can courses be withdrawn and added, and what are their dates?

–  Deletion and addition are made through the registrar in the admission and registration office, and the dates of addition are the first two weeks from the beginning of the study, while the withdrawal continues until the first three weeks since the beginning of the study.

I need a study advice, who do I go to?

– To the academic advisor (head of the department) for each specialization within the academic departments.

  • What is the cumulative average?

– It is the average for all semesters and courses that have been studied.

What is the academic warning?

– The student is warned if he/she obtains a cumulative average of less than (60%) except for the first semester of study. The student must cancel the warning in a maximum period of two semesters, otherwise he/she will be dismissed from the college, as the warned student is not allowed to register for more than (15) hours.

Can a student postpone their university studies?

– The student can postpone their studies for two consecutive or separate semesters, and the student can extend the postponement period, but only with the approval of the dean.

What are the cases in which a student is dismissed from the college?

The student is dismissed in the following cases:

– If he/she obtained a cumulative average of less than (50%) in the first semester.

– If he/she obtained an average of less than (55%) in any semester after the first semester.

– If he/she is unable to cancel the warning during two consecutive semesters.

What does withdrawal, and addition mean, and how can these operations be implemented?

– Withdrawal: cancelling the registration of one course or another while keeping the student’s fees during the withdrawal period.

– Addition: registering a course or another during after the registration ends and during a specified period.

What do these terms mean: failing, incomplete, withdrawn?

– Fail: The student did not pass the exam.

– Incomplete: Failure to take the final exam for the course with an excuse.

– Withdrawer: Withdrawing from the course after the end of the withdrawal period.