Diploma in Web and Mobile Application Development

Specialty information

The specialization in web and mobile application development is considered one of the fundamental and important fields in the computer department due to the diverse skills acquired by students to serve society. This specialization aims to provide students with various scientific and professional skills in the analysis, design, and development of web and mobile applications for different systems.

Intermediate diploma
Acceptance rate
50 %
High school branch
All high school branches
The number of hours of specialization
75 hours

The General Objectives of The Programme

General Objectives of The Program:

The specialization in web and mobile application development is considered a fundamental and important field in the computer department due to the diverse skills students acquire to serve society. This specialization aims to provide students with various scientific and professional skills in the analysis, design, and development of web and mobile applications for different systems. It aims to enable students to build efficient and high-quality applications that keep up with the advancements in tools, software, and technologies. This is in response to the scientific and technological changes witnessed worldwide, including programming languages, mobile systems, and the rapid evolution of web services and technologies. The mission of this specialization is to contribute to the Palestinian, Arab, and global job market by providing web and mobile application developers capable of working efficiently, creating new job opportunities, and excelling in this promising field.

The program revolves around empowering students with programming development skills in multiple languages. It allows students to understand and master the necessary skills for programming and developing web and mobile applications. One of the key distinguishing features of graduates in this specialization is their ability to generate ideas and employment opportunities in this field.

The specific objectives of the program include:

1. Acquiring the necessary skills to develop web and mobile applications.
2. Mastering the skills for developing applications on mobile devices using various operating systems.
3. Mastering the skills for developing mobile applications for different phone systems using frameworks such as Flutter, PhoneGap, and Ionic.
4. Providing students with information and data security for mobile devices and applications and securing them against breaches.
5. Publishing and launching applications on stores and marketing them.
6. Ability to provide technical support and ensure application quality.
7. Developing personal and professional continuous learning skills by keeping up with the rapid development of knowledge and technology, fostering creative thinking among students.
8. Enhancing students' ability to generate employment opportunities based on their skills in developing web and mobile applications.
9. Ability to work within a team, distribute tasks, and increase communication and collaboration among students.
10. Marketing students' work and opening new job prospects.

The expected learning outcomes of the program include:

A. Knowledge and Understanding:

- Proficiency in programming fundamentals and object-oriented programming.
- Familiarity with database fundamentals.
- Understanding computer design basics.
- Understanding the principles of web and mobile application programming.

B. Cognitive Skills:

- Analyzing user requirements for web and mobile applications.
- Providing solutions to a wide range of problems through web and mobile applications.
- Analyzing, deducing, and following the scientific method in thinking.

C. Practical Skills:

- Efficient use of computers and computer applications.
- Programming web and mobile applications.
- Designing and building databases.
- Utilizing content management systems in web development.
- Testing web and mobile applications.

D. Transferable Skills:

- Applying acquired principles and fundamentals to work in the field of web and mobile application development.
- Effective collaboration with others.
- Supporting teamwork and group leadership.
- Demonstrating personal responsibility by meeting multiple deadlines in complex activities.
- Employing electronic and technological skills in the workplace.
- Entrepreneurship, creating opportunities, projects, and self-employment.

E. Communication and Information Technology Skills:

- Effective oral and written communication in developing scientific, knowledge, and practical capabilities.
- Using communication and information technologies to enhance cognitive development and update information.
- Utilizing essential computer skills for self-learning and continuous learning.
- Utilizing effective communication skills to influence others and work within a team.
- Applying information technology skills to problem-solving at the individual or organizational level with efficiency and demonstration.

F. Behavioral and Ethical Skills:

- Commitment to professional ethics and standards with any entity, whether private or governmental.
- Respecting work and scientific research in the specialization field and adhering to its ethics.
- Being prepared to work and serve the local community, respecting diverse personalities and behaviors.

Advantages of the Program:

Freelancer in developing web and smartphone applications for the local, regional and global market or through the Internet.

Software development for software export companies (outsourcing)

Institutions, ministries and companies concerned with computerizing their services on the web and smart devices.

Entrepreneurship by starting a private business as a for-profit startup through applications.
• Work as a web developer. web developer
• Working as a mobile application developer
• Designing user interfaces and user experience in private, public or government businesses that need UX analysts and designers, UI Designer
• Designing and developing the front end of websites and smart applications Designing application interfaces in programming companies or in companies that need designers and developers Frond-End Develop
• Developing web services that link smart phone applications and databases in different programming companies that need developers. Back-end developer
• Training and teaching in schools, universities and training centers.
• Bridging and completing studies and training in specialized fields in universities and institutes.

Job title:

• programmer
• Web and mobile application developer.
• Web and mobile application designer.
• Web and Smartphone Application