Diploma in Software and Databases

Specialty information

This specialization aims to prepare professionals who can develop professional software applications using advanced programming languages, as well as analyze and design their own databases. They also have the ability to efficiently work in various areas such as networks, operating systems, core software applications, computer maintenance, and troubleshooting both hardware and software issues. Graduates of this specialization can integrate into the job market, whether locally, regionally, or internationally, through freelance platforms.

Intermediate diploma
Acceptance rate
50 %
High school branch
All high school branches
The number of hours of specialization
74 hours

The General Objectives of The Programme

General Objectives of The Program:

1. Introduce students to the fundamentals of using software applications in various types of business computing.
2. Equip students with the ability to analyze the requirements for developing different software applications.
3. Provide students with skills in using modern programming languages for building software applications.
4. Develop students' skills in analyzing, designing, and building databases.
5. Foster students' skills in managing and maintaining databases.
6. Train students in creating database-related software applications.

Advantages of the Program:

1. Adoption of the latest global academic curricula in teaching software and database courses, enabling students to acquire the necessary skills for immediate employment after graduation.
2. Practical and field training for students in various institutions and companies in different computer-related fields, allowing students to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the job market and gain experience in the field.
3. The program features well-equipped labs with state-of-the-art devices, specifically designed to enhance students' skills in their field of study and its various practical applications.
4. Integration of modern technology, traditional foundations, and theoretical approaches in the educational process, utilizing electronic means as a modern form of communication between students and lecturers.

Advantages of the Program:

Job opportunities for graduates in this specialization include:
1. Educational institutions, universities, and both public and private organizations in the field of software, involving programming, supervision, and software and system updates.
2. Information and data departments.
3. Database and information departments within ministries and government agencies.
4. Private sector companies operating in the field of information technology.
5. Data entry positions.
6. Patient services departments.