Diploma in Judicial Assistance

Specialty information

Adly assistant specialization is an important specialization in the field of law, as it plays a vital role in providing support and assistance to judges, lawyers, and the judicial system in collecting and organizing information, documents, legal evidence, managing cases, and conducting investigations. This work contributes to achieving justice and protecting the rights of individuals and institutions in society. It also enables him to develop his legal and research skills by completing his studies in Bachelor of Law.
Extensive job opportunities are available for graduates to work in courts, prosecution offices, police, and institutions that need assistance in dealing with issues related to business and legal affairs in order to achieve justice and enhance the legal workflow.

Intermediate diploma
Acceptance rate
50 %
High school branch
Scientific - literary - legal
The number of hours of specialization
72 hours

The General Objectives of The Programme

General Objectives of The Program:

Program message
Qualifying a group of competent and capable judicial assistants to contribute to the development of Palestinian society, achieve the requirements of justice and the rule of law in it, and meet the needs of Palestinian society and legal and human rights institutions.
Program Goals:
- Graduating judicial assistants who are able to excel in legal work in all its fields, and contribute to raising the level of legal services.
- Strengthening students' abilities in communication and effective professional communication with colleagues, lawyers, and all those working in the field of law, courts, and human rights institutions.
- Work on graduating judicial assistants who have the skills to have a general understanding of the legal texts in force in Palestine.
- Contribute to the development of legal services provided to the Palestinian citizen, and raise the level of professional performance in this field.
- Providing students with the necessary information, skills and attitudes for their work as a judicial assistant and related to their future work.

Advantages of the Program:

Graduate specifications:
After completing the graduation requirements, the student is expected to acquire the following learning outcomes:
A sufficient amount of knowledge that qualifies him to work in lawyers' offices, court registries, and legal departments in ministries and the Public Prosecution.
Efficiency and ability to carry out the duties of an assistant attorney.
Sufficient experience in preparing lawsuit files, requests, transactions and legal procedures.
The ability to handle and archive pleadings and cases files.
Experience and skill in dealing with clients and auditors in the offices of lawyers and consultants.
Ability and competence in dealing with judicial decisions Work fields:
Adly assistant in law firms and legal advice.
Legal and judicial assistant in the Registries of Regular, Administrative and Sharia Courts, and the Constitutional Court.
A judicial assistant in the departments of notaries and execution departments.
Legal and judicial assistant for members of the Public Prosecution Office.
Work in the field of legal and justice assistance in civil society institutions, especially human rights institutions, and institutions working in the field of justice and justice.
Work in the field of legal and administrative assistance in government institutions and departments.
Work in the field of legal and administrative assistance in private institutions and companies, and civil society organizations.
Appointment in the police as a judicial officer or investigation inspector in police stations. Judiciary and judicial institutions.
Offices of lawyers, legal and judicial advisors.