Diploma in Finance and Project Management

Specialty information

The specialization in Finance and Project Management opens up career opportunities for graduates through supervising projects implemented by organizations. It involves understanding how to execute projects, starting from writing project plans to evaluating the project and sending the final report to funders. This serves to enhance organizational efficiency and minimize the problems they encounter.

Intermediate diploma
Acceptance rate
50 %
High school branch
All high school branches
The number of hours of specialization
74 hours

The General Objectives of The Programme

General Objectives of The Program:

1. Enhancing the efficiency of civil, governmental, and private sector organizations in project management.

2. Keeping up with technical developments in the field of project management through sending technical missions abroad to attend training and development courses.

3. Mitigating the problems faced by civil society organizations by teaching students administrative problem-solving skills.

4. Creating job opportunities for graduates to supervise projects implemented by organizations.

5. Convincing owners of civil, governmental, and private sector organizations of the feasibility of employing qualified staff to supervise project execution through organizing workshops that highlight its importance.

6. Supporting the local economy by providing job opportunities for bachelor's and master's degree graduates who work as academic staff in the college.

7. Familiarizing students with the mechanisms of work in civil society organizations, including the fair and equitable distribution of assistance, whether in-kind or financial, to individuals in the community, and how to execute projects obtained through writing project plans, evaluating the projects, and sending the final report to the funders.

Program Advantages:

1. Adoption of the latest international academic curricula in teaching finance and project management courses and gaining the necessary skills to start working after graduation.

2. Practical and field training for students in various institutions and companies in different administrative fields, enabling students to understand the requirements of the job market and how to deal with them as specialists, and gain experience in this field.

3. The program features multiple laboratories equipped with the latest devices aimed at enhancing students' skills in the field of study and its various practical applications.

4. Integration of modern technology, traditional foundations and methods, and theoretical approaches in the educational process, utilizing electronic means as a modern communication tool between students and lecturers.

Advantages of the Program:

A graduate with a diploma degree can complete their bachelor's degree within the approved transfer conditions.

Job Titles for Graduates of the Specialization:

1. Project Manager
2. Assistant Project Manager
3. Project Coordinator
4. Field Project Coordinator
5. Assistant Project Coordinator
6. Project Officer
7. Project Site Manager
8. Project Inspector and Evaluator
9. Project Department Supervisor
10. Fundraising Officer

Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Specialization:

1. International donor organizations
2. Private sector institutions in all forms
3. Civil society organizations
4. Governmental institutions in various fields.