Diploma in Administration and Office Automation

Specialty information

The specialization of “Office Management and Automation” aims to provide the job market with qualified human resources equipped with administrative skills to manage offices in general. This is achieved through organizing workspaces and imparting information archiving skills, utilizing modern computer technology and printing. Graduates are also provided with the necessary understanding of administrative concepts from both theoretical and practical perspectives, with a focus on the local and global environment.

Intermediate diploma
Acceptance rate
50 %
High school branch
All high school branches
The number of hours of specialization
71 hours

The General Objectives of The Programme

General Objectives of The Program:

1. Equip students with the necessary skills to improve the process of making managerial decisions.

2. Enhance students' skills in striving to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

3. Develop students' skills in using systematic approaches to solve and manage complexities.

4. Enhance students' skills in the field of economic analysis and understanding the economic changes and their impact on the business sector.

Advantages of the Program:

1. Adoption of the latest global academic curricula in teaching management, office automation, and secretarial skills, providing students with the necessary skills for immediate employment after graduation.

2. Practical and field training for students in various institutions and companies in different administrative fields, enabling them to understand the requirements of the job market and how to deal with them as specialists, as well as gaining experience in this field.

3. The program includes well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, aimed at enhancing students' skills in their field of study and its various practical applications.

4. Integration of modern technology, traditional foundations, and theoretical methods in the educational process, utilizing electronic means as a modern communication tool between students and lecturers.