Bachelor of Business Administration

Specialty information

Start your journey towards a successful career by enhancing your creative skills in the field of business administration with the help of lecturers and trained experts who will provide you with the best scientific and practical university experience.

Acceptance rate
65 %
High school branch
All high school branches
The number of hours of specialization
137 hours

The General Objectives of The Programme

General Objectives of The Program:

Meet the needs of the Palestinian institutional and service sector for competent specialists in the field of administrative and financial sciences.

Provide technical services in the fields of management and computer sciences, utilizing the available resources and potentials of the Palestinian institutional and service sector.

Prepare graduates with high scientific and technical skills capable of contributing to the development of the Palestinian economy and possessing high efficiency in dealing with international institutions.

Cover the needs of different sectors by providing qualified professionals to manage and develop institutions.

Program Benefits:
Adopt the latest global academic curricula in teaching the courses of the Bachelor's program in Business Administration and gain the necessary skills to enter the workforce after graduation.

Provide practical and field training for students in various institutions and companies in different administrative fields, allowing students to understand the requirements of the job market and gain experience in this field.

The program features well-equipped laboratories with the latest devices, designed to enhance students' skills in their area of study and its various practical applications.

Integration of modern technology with traditional foundations and methods in the educational process, utilizing electronic means as a modern communication tool between students and lecturers.

Advantages of the Program:

Job Opportunities for Business Administration Graduates:
1. Accounting, auditing, and consulting firms.
2. Government and private schools.
3. Employment in banks and various types of companies.
4. Work in all production and service sectors in marketing and sales departments.
5. Public sector institutions and government agencies, both domestically and internationally, such as ministries, authorities, embassies, and consulates.
6. Civil society institutions of various types, such as unions, associations, and federations.
7. Public and private educational institutions and their annexes, such as universities, institutes, colleges, secondary schools, and primary schools.
8. Insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as insurance brokerage firms.
9. Service sales and marketing companies, as well as advertising agencies.

Job Titles for Business Administration Graduates:
1. Sales Manager.
2. Cost Estimator.
3. Accountant.
4. Financial Analyst.
5. Human Resources Manager.
6. Research and Development Manager.
7. Business Consultant.
8. Information Systems Manager.
9. Financial Manager.
10. Marketing Manager.
11. Purchasing Manager.
12. Information Security Officer.