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Within the framework of the endeavors of the Arab College of Applied Sciences to develop a competitive strategy at both the international and regional levels by establishing bridges of academic and cultural cooperation between the Arab College and various academic institutions, as well as achieving the best investment for internal and external cooperation and partnerships; the Planning and External Relations office was established as a point of connection between the college and other local and international institutions and universities that wish to cooperate and achieve partnerships with the college.

As part of the College’s efforts to expand its capabilities and provide opportunities for development and building the academic and professional capacities of its students and academic and administrative staff, the college seeks to expand its network of relationships with local and international institutions as well as academic and research bodies. Thus, the office prepares programs, initiatives and activities that reflect the college as a center for effective communication with the surrounding local environment and other academic communities around the world.

The office also prepares documents and memoranda of understanding that regulate official relations between the college and other institutions, the office also drafts and produces the college correspondence in the English language, and manages signed cooperation agreements, foreign scholarships, academic exchange programs study abroad programs, and services for international students and researchers. It also organizes international events such as conferences, workshops and seminars; as well as coordinating the upcoming visits of international delegations to the College.


Contributing to achieving the college’s vision of enhancing communication with the world by opening channels of communication for students, staff, faculty members and programs with friendly and partner institutions around the world.


Reinforcing interdisciplinary training, orientations and local and global scientific research issues. In addition to increasing international outreach to students, staff and society aimed at realizing the College’s vision for expanding the academic reach of educational services and community awareness.


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Planning and External Relations Department

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