Welcome Speech

President's Welcome

"I am privileged to welcome you as the Dean of ACAS. My dear students, there is no doubt that universities are the engines of progress for their nations, determining their present and future. We, at the Arab College of Applied Sciences (ACAS), are well aware of the role that we have to act, and we are also aware of the size and significance of the responsibilities entrusted to us. So, we spare no effort in order to be at the forefront of the Palestinian Higher Education Institutions in fulfillment of our duties and in order to achieve our aspirations."

God has endowed us with a number of human and material resources and capabilities that we strive to invest in a good way, to maximize the benefit out of them, and to develop the horizons of progress available to us. Therefore, it was necessary for us to advance and move in all directions, and to knock all the doors in order to catch up with the enormous progress and development in a world that does not recognize isolation and introversion, and to be among the colleges that adopt the latest technologies in providing high quality education for its students, as well as the best research aids. We look forward to achieving the goals we have drawn, the hopes we expected and the message we have adopted.

Dr. Rawhi S. Awaja
Dean of ACAS