About academic affairs

About Academic Affairs

Proceeding from the college’s clear vision and clear mission and the college’s keenness to actively contribute to the development of the Palestinian society, and to enhance its entrepreneurial role in developing and motivating the Palestinian manpower, the Academic Affairs continues to provide educational service to the students, and works constantly to raise the efficiency and quality of education in various academic and administrative fields. Academic Affairs practices its role in supervising, directing, and developing the academic activities in the college through the college’s departments and various development centers.

The Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs performs the duties and responsibilities assigned to him under the College’s laws and regulations, in addition to other responsibilities assigned to him by the Dean, in particular as the following:

1- Supervising the efforts of departments and all academic units, including community service centers.

2- Conducting studies aimed at evaluating and developing curricula, plans and methodological and extracurricular programs. In addition to determining the college’s requirement of faculty members, buildings, laboratories and other supplies. And proposing the opening of new departments, studying all the related stuff to the admission policy of students and following up on graduates’ issues.

3- Supervising the affairs of the library.

4- Supervising the Student Affairs Department.

5- Supervising the admission and registration department.

7- Supervising the Quality Assurance Department.

8- Acting as the dean of the college and exercising all his powers in the event of the dean’s absence.